The Goldie Family

This picture is a wee bit dated. Doug, at bottom, is now 15 and Katie is 19 --they're going to kill me when they see this! Otherwise, it does give you an accurate view of the Goldie's and their home.

Jean is Assistant to the President at St. Andrew's College, Saskatoon. Her other interests are the family, her word processing/personal publishing business, cooking and volunteering for highland dance and for Doug's bagpipe band.

Doug is now taller than his mom! His interests are video games, venturers, Suzuki violin, piping in the Ninety-sixth Highlanders Pipes and Drums, drama and playing Scottish dance music.

Katie is now in third year at U of S. Her interests are Fraser Cousins (boy friend), nutrition studies, highland dance and hanging out with a rather large circle of friends.

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