Sujata's 2017 CGU poster is here: Quantifying snowmelt infiltration and runoff.
Edward and Andrew's 2016 AGU talk is here: Tracing groundwater recharge to a confined aquifer in the Canadian prairies.
Melkamu's 2016 AGU poster is here: Modelling unsaturated/saturated flow in weathered profiles.
Omer's 2015 AGU poster is here: Modelling the Ecohydrologic response of the Forest-Grassland Ecotone.
Andrew's 2014 AGU talk on the Chalk is here: Learning from models: Insights into the behavior of water in unsaturated fractured porous media.
Andrew's 2014 AGU talk on modelling soil freeze-thaw is here: Modelling infiltration processes in frozen soils.
Andrew's talk at the 2014 CGU is available here: A capillary bundle model for soil freeze-thaw.
Andrew's talk at the University of Queensland groundwater recharge workshop is available here: Quantifying groundwater recharge in diverse, complex setting.
Andrew's talk at the Geomontreal 2013 conference is available here: Salt Dynamics in prairie wetlands under changing climate .
Andrew's talk at the University of Guelph on 7th August 2013 is available here: Quantifying shallow subsurface flow and salt transport in the Canadian Prairies.
Andrew's talk at the 2013 Soil-Plant-Atmosphere conference in Naples is available here: Fractures, Macropores and Preferential flow in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere system.
Andrew's talk at the 2013 CMOS/CGU/CWRA conference is available here: Constraining the groundwater flow regime from point scale measurements.
Andrew's talk at the 2011 CGU conference is available here: Groundwater flooding in the UK Chalk.
Andrew's talk at the 2010 AGU meeting is available here: Towards an improved "low-dimensional" state space model for unsaturated flow in fractured porous catchments.