Hydroinformatics bootcamp

Workshop notes are available here (online)

ENVS805: Environmental Data Analysis and Management

Course notes (2015) are available here (online)

or can be downloaded from here (pdf)

CE318: Applied Engineering Mathematics

Mathematics for Civil, Geologic and Environmental Engineering students. The focus is on the process of mathematical modelling, which involves the formulation of a problem in the form of differential equations, solving the differential equations, and interpreting the results. We cover analytical solutions to linear ordinary differential equations (ODEs) up to second order and systems of ODEs. We look at numerical solutions to ODEs and partial differential equations (PDEs), focusing mainly on Finite Difference Modelling, but also addressing Finite Element Modelling. Finally we look at the problem of optimization, or inverse modelling, used to find the best choice of design variables to solve some problem, or the best choice of parameters to assign to some model. This is an applied course, and extensive worked examples from Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering fields are used. Computation methods for modelling and optimization are covered, and MS Excel with VBA is used for coding up solutions.

Complete course notes (2014) are available here

Some simple groundwater models written in Excel are available here