Hack A Day Competition

hackaday.com is having a design competition. You can see the specifics at the hack a day website. Basically you are supposed to design a circuit that has the dimensions of a credit card, the hack a day logo and some functionality.

I have two designs: A surface mount version of my LVP and a Logic Probe.

The LVP is a low voltage programmer for the PIC microcontrollers. Instead of the DIP version of the 18F4550 USB PIC, I used a SOIC 18F2550. There is an update header and a program header on it like the 4550 version. It also has a power LED, a program LED, and a program button. Currently the button has no functionallity. But eventually the firmware will be upgraded so that you can program your target chip with a push of that button. I incoprorated the logo on the component side copper (I'm used to makeing PCBs without a silkscreen), looks pretty good in my opinion. I had a whole bunch of space left over so I put a prototyping area in it. The only problem with this design is that you need some way of putting the firmware on the PIC. If you don't have a micro programmer to begin with or get a hold of one then making this design will kinda bite the dust.

That is why I made the logic probe. It can be made from all through-hole components. The schematic for it can be found here. I decided to go with this one because it is pretty useful for hacking stuffs and the parts are relatively cheap. You can download the files below if you want to build them for yourself. I also made a hack a day logo library for eagle so you can use it in the design. you can find it down there as well.

Pic programmer Logic probe


GUI and firmware

Pic Programmer files

Logic Probe files