(Java Applets from Universities around the World)


Projectile Motion (Virginia)
This applet shows the traditional problem of shooting a cannonball. While there is no pretty cannon, it does use correct units and gives a clear picture of trajectories. There are options to show trails of the projectile or to turn on a simple air friction.
The Ballistic Simulator (Cannon)
This Java applet allows the user to adjust various parameters (angle, velocity, gravity, windage, density, drag) in a projectile simulation. When all parameters are correct the projectile will hit the target verifying the student's calculations.


Doppler Effect (Physics2000 -Colorado)

Doppler Effect I
Doppler Effect II (sound)

How Stuff Works site

How Guitars Work
Compact discs

Moving Point source: Doppler effect and shock wave (NTNU Physics)
This java applet lets you change wave speed and source speed to illustrate these phenomena.


Waves (Physics2000 -Colorado)


Interference Experiments (Physics2000 -Colorado)

Adding Waves
Classic Two-Slit Exp.

Optics and Lenses (NTNU Physics)
Java Applet by Fu-Kwun Hwang that demonstrates properties of lenses. An object or the lense can be dragged and dropped and the focus length of the lense can be varied. Real and virtual images, parameters and traces are viewed graphically.


Polarizing Filter

Laptop Screens (Physics2000 -Colorado)

Switching Light
Liquid Crystals
Calculator Display
Laptop Pixel
Electron Orbits
Bohr's Atom


Managing a nuclear power plant (Linköping)
Check how well you can maintain a nuclear power plant!
Radioactive Decay (Stony Brook)
Java Applet the offers an interactive representation of radioactive decay (Th232, Pu241, U238, U235).
SLOWPOKE Facilty at RMC (requires userid and password)


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