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  1. BricoLodge: http://www.notype.com/bricolodge
  2. Vinyl Interventions: http://www.vinylinterventions.com
  3. Panospria: http://www.panospria.com
  4. Control To Chaos (hosted by tobias c. van Veen and DJ Fishead: http://www.controltochaos.ca
    • Noise/Ambient/Psych DJ set by Carrie Gates (Live at phoniq's 'beta_lab' event at The Esperenza, Montreal): direct download
  5. Carrie Gates Interviewed by DJ Cyan for CKUT Radio, Montréal, 2005:
  6. Unlocking The Groove: The Synaesthetics of Experimental Turntablism and Vinyl Sculpture, commissioned by Winnipeg's send + receive festival, 2005:
  7. Carrie's myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/thesoundsofcarriegates
full discography coming soon!

all images copyright Carrie Gates, 2006

copyright carrie gates 2006