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Upcoming Performances:

Origami Workshop at Seeds of Change Street Fair, Saskatoon, SK August 26, 2006
VJ Artist Talk at dorkbot @ paved Art + New Media, Saskatoon, SK September 9, 2006
VJ at Broken, venue TBA, Saskatoon, SK Sept. 16, 2006

Recent Performances:

DJ at CONNECT 2006, Besant Campground/Regina, SK August 3-7, 2006
DJ and VJ at Motion Notion, Evansville/Edmonton, AB July 20-23, 2006
Event Organizer of Revenge of the Nerds v.2: NINTENDISCO at paved Art + New Media, Saskatoon, SK May 12, 2006
VJ at Pre-Valentine's Freakout, Saskatoon, SK Feb. 11, 2006
Curator of Unlocking the Groove at The Art Projects Gallery, Regina, SK Dec. 23-28, 2005
VJ at Wham, Bam, Thank-You Glam! at the Manhattan Club, Regina, SK Dec. 22, 2005
DJ at Plane Language at the University of Saskatchewan Agriculture Atruium, Saskatoon, SK Dec. 3, 2005

Performance History

Download a pdf document of recent performance, events, and curatorial history (last updated Feb. 2006) here.

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