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Carrie's research interests currently include:

  • experimental sound
  • interactive visuals for VJs
  • rave culture history
  • net.art and identity
  • cultural theory
  • social research methodology
  • sonic psychotopography
  • locative media
  • radio art
  • chaos theory
  • online communities
  • Max/MSP, Jitter, and Cyclops
  • interactivity and awareness between DJs and audiences in nightlcubs
  • Situationism, Futurism, Dada, Bauhaus, Conceptualism, Minmalism, Pop Art, Kitsch
  • power and the politics of historical primary document creation and management

Carrie currently conducts her Max/MSP/Jitter/Cyclops research in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan in the Computer Science Department's Human-Computer Interaction Lab, under funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

all images copyright Carrie Gates, 2006

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