Plattevile MF Radar Winds

Platteville MF Radar Winds, quick look plots

The Platteville MF radar (2.219MHz) was a CEDAR funded collaboration between Susan Avery (now head of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), Denise Thorsen (now at Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks), and us. We had a spare coherent Tx/Rx system due to the end of the 5 year Canadian Network for Space Research (CNSR). CEDAR provided funds for transmit (3x3 half wave dipoles) and receiving arrays (3 single dipoles, 1.5 lambda spacing to minimize coupling) antennas. The Tx/Rx equipment was installed in December 1999, but lost coherent lock after a month, and the student/operator did not know how to properly adjust it. It was fixed in August 2000. Since the field was an old 50 MHz MST radar site, there were ground screens, barb wire, and concrete platforms through out, so the MF cables had to be laid on top of the ground instead of buried; which led to animals chewing them ! After Denise moved to Alaska, Scott Palo and students provided some operational support. A few years later we put "wire loom" over the Rx cables for protection. Considering the extreme MF noise level at the site, and loss of phone/internet access, continuing problems with the antenna feeders, and also that the nice building it was in was to be demolished - we "let go of it" in 2009