North Polar UVTZ Animations at 3 Pressure Levels

Northern Hemisphere Polar Winter UVZT Animations

The data used are the daily stratospheric analyses from UK Met office ("UKMO", now "MetO") originally by way of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC), and now through The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).
North polar stereographic projections are shown (but with linear latitude spacing). The scales are fixed for each parameter/level over the duration of the animation as given at the bottom of each contour plot. That is the contour step is (max-min)/12, since there are 12 colour levels, increasing as grey to red-brown. These were chosen to show the most detail in mid winter (consequently fall and spring exhibit less detail). In the case of U,V the scales have been modified slightly so there is an exact zero contour (as shown by tiny legend off the bottom right "corner" of the plot). The Z parameter is geopotential height minus "nominal height" [ The nominal height is calculated as (64.8/4) x (3. - log10 Pmb) Km.] Greenwich Meridian (zero longitude) is at the bottom, as is the low latitude limit. When time permits, the rest of the available (1992-) years will be posted (some may be in an older format)
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Most recent winter day

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