What's New

What's New

Two week wind plots for Saskatoon MFR and Tromso MFR (Tuesdays), and Eureka MWR (Mondays) are placed weekly or biweekly (Saskatoon) in "ADG Current MF/MWR Radar Plots". In the winter (October-March), weekly (early winter) or daily updates are made to the vortex and UVZT plots/animations.

Sept 20 '16. There is a connection problem with Tromso MFR - system is fine, but I can't download data online.

Sept 28 '16: Now that I have a sufficient allocation, all the vortex animations have been put up ('91/'92 to '15/'16 )

Oct 3'16 Tromso MFR link ok now.

Sept 26'17: Technical reports (analysis, radar operation manuals, listings, etc.) now available.