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This is the website of Chel Hee Lee. I'am a statistician at the Clinical Research Support Unit at College of Medicine in University of Saskatchewan, and interested in imprecise probabilities for taking a reasonable course of decision making on clinical and epidemiological problems, in trying to reduce a gap between theory and practice by simulation studies, and in approaching to complex statistical models through visualization. In May 2014, I completed my PhD in the Collaborative Biostatistics Program at University of Saskatchewan with Mikelis Bickis (Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics). In May 2009, I completed my BSc and MSc in Statistics at University of Manitoba with Liqun Wang (Professor, Department of Statistics).

Language Support for R - Translation of Messages and Documentation

R version 2.1.0 and later support Korean translations of program messages. The continuous efforts have been made by R Translation Teams. The R Documentation files are licensed under the General Public License, version 2 or 3. This means that the pilot project to translate them into other languages has permission to reproduce them and translate them. This work is done with GNU 'gettext' utilities. The portable object template is updated a weekly basis or whenever changes are necessary. Comments and corrections via email to the maintainer is of course most welcome.

In order to voluntarily participate in or offer your help with this project of translating R manuals, please contact Chel Hee Lee. I am currently looking for voluneeters with following languages: Chinese (Simplifed), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Nynorsk, Persian, Polish, Portuguese - BR, Portuguese - PT, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, (more and more).

The current work shown in this page is based on Revision: 68627 (3.3.0 Under development (unstable)), updated on Sun Jul 5 03:29:30 CST 2015. Instructions can be found here. Templates for other languages are provided along with the title of R manuals in the below:

Introduction to R [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... completion: 99%, The review process is underway now!
R FAQ [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... completion: 90%, The review process is just started!
R Installation and Administration [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... completion: 90%, (updating)
R Windows FAQ [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... completion: 70%, the initial translation is still underway.
Writing R Extensions [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... 10% in progress
The R language definition [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... 5% in progres
R Internals [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... 5% in progres
R MacOS X FAQ [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... NEW
R Data Import/Export [TEMPLATE] [Verbatim Process] [English/Korean] .......... 20% completion (updating).

R package translation.ko: R Manuals Literally Translated in Korean at CRAN

	R> install.packages(pkgs="", 
		 type="source", method="libcurl")
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