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View the blog from our research expedition to Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) where we studied the effects of invasive beavers. Also check out CBC's The Nature of Things - The Beaver Whisperers

Congratulations to Alasdair Morrison for successfully defending his MSc thesis! (Dec 2013)

Jason Mercer completed Expedition Arguk in August 2013. Learn about the expedition here.

Cherie J. Westbrook, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Wetland Ecohydrology



Department of Geography and Planning,

Centre for Hydrology & Global Institute for Water Security

University of Saskatchewan

117 Science Place

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7N 5C8


Phone: +1 (306) 966-1818

Email: cherie.westbrook@usask.ca

I research and teach in the field of ecohydrology, and use principles from hydrology and ecology to improve our understanding of the form and function of wetland and riparian ecosystems. Focus is on studying the interactive pathways between surface and ground waters, how beavers and humans influence these pathways, and as a result, how water and nutrients are exported from wetlands and riparian areas. More recently, I have been linking this research to the field of environmental assessment. Sites where my research group studies include the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Argentine Andes, Prairie Pothole Region, and boreal forest.