Tracking- Engineering (recording audio) $350 per song*
Tracking- Studio Musicianship (playing the instruments) Complimentary
Editing (pitch correction and rhythm amendment) $175 per song*
Mixing (equalization, audio effects, panning, setting track volumes etc.) $225 per song*
Mastering (fades, dithering, master compression and limiting etc.) $50 per song*
Additional Video Production Varies

* “Song” includes full instrumentation; guitars, drums, bass, keys, synthesizers, percussion, and anything else the track requires.


Total cost per song is $800, based on an estimated 40 hours labour from start to finish. An hourly rate of $25 is also available for projects which don't fit into this model.

Note: JungleHeart reserves the right to charge extra for tracks which take substantially longer than estimated, in cases where the client’s wishes beyond the normal standards (such as experimenting musically and re-recording performances by the client or his musicians) are the cause of superfluous duration.

Payment for each stage of the recording process as outlined above is expected in full before beginning each step. JungleHeart gladly accepts cash or personal cheque.

Contact to obtain an artist application and begin the adventure of capturing your sound!