Inherits from: Pane.js

1 ) function: addElements
2 ) function: getSelected
3 ) function: getSelectedIndex

Object: ButtonPane

Object Description:
Inheirits from: Pane

Constructor: ButtonPane
  • Parameter
    : x - x coord for top left corner relative to parent
y - y coord for top left corner relative to parent
width - width of this pane
height - height of this pane
ctlr_grp - control group associated with this pane
- Each ButtonPane has an associated button control group

Method: addElements
- add elements to this buttonPane
- Currently a buttonPane is allowed to have buttons and
labels added to it.
- button is set to 15x15 and the button's label is put
beside it.
- labels are added on a line of their own

  • Parameter
    : arr_elms - an array of elements to add

An array like: [label1, button, button, label2, button]
would produce a buttonPane like:

| Label1 |
| @ button |
| @ button |
| Label2 |
| @ button |

Method: getSelected
Description: Return the selected element

Notes: Doesn't seem like this would work well with a checkbox grp
Need to double check how checkbox group stores selected items...


Method: getSelectedIndex
Description: Return the index of the selected item.