Inherits from: CGUI.js

1 ) function: mouseout
2 ) function: mouseover
3 ) function: getText
4 ) function: setText

Object: Tooltip

Object Description: Shows a round rectangle with text
Example: var tt = new Tooltip(button,0,15,
"I'm tooltip text for 'All Alone'");

Constructor: Tooltip
  • Parameter
    : text - text to display in Tooltip

Method: mouseout
Description: called by mousedown event, initializes slider to be moved
and sets position based on mouse position
  • Parameter
    s: e - mouse event

Method: mouseover
Description: called by mouseover event, handles positioning of
  • Parameter
    s: e - mouse event

Method: getText
Description: get the text of this Tooltip

Method: setText
Description: Set the text for this label