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CGUI SPARK Experiments

SPARK is the SVG Programmers Application Resource Kit. Others may cite different purposes to the project, but my reason for being involved with it was to allow interoperability between widgets created by different developers. To that end, version 1 of the SPARK GUI Framework was released at SVG Open 2004 (thanks mainly to Alastair Fettes).

I'm currently working to make the CGUI widgets compatible with the SPARK GUI Framework as part of my quest for interoperability. I hope to informally document my experiences here, and formally document them in a paper/presentation at SVG Open 2005.

I've done a number of small experiments todate and converted a couple of my basic widgets. The details of these experiments and the resulting code samples will probably be documented here in the future but for now, I wrote a little SVG game to test the widgets I've converted so far. Please enjoy.

My testing leads me to believe that the game works in IE/ASV3 and FF/ASV6pr1. I haven't tested on other OS's so... the only bugs I'm aware of are little ones related to my improper use of CSS to style the elements. If someone were kind enough to draw a train with 5 distinct cars for me, that'd be fixed... otherwise they'll probably stay as they are for now.

A Work in Progress