Chris Lewis at the U of S

CGUI Focus Demos

Any comments on the behaviour of these widgets would be appreciated.

Note how the focus changes as you move over the widgets. The widget that currently has focus is displayed in the textbox at the bottom.

Certain events, such as dragging the thumb of a scrollbar or moving a window, lock the focus to the current item. For instance if you move the mouse off the thumb (while holding down the mousekey) the focus will not switch to another widget. This also stops text from being highlighted when you move the mouse over it while dragging a window etc...

The only limitation that I'm aware of is that if you close a window the focus doesn't switch to the item that was behind the window (in the case where the mouse is now over a new item). You must move the mouse out of the new item and back in to have it focus on it.

A Work in Progress