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CMPT 810 - Algorithms

Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) Queries - A technique with application to approximate matching
Approximate Matching using Suffix Trees

CMPT 856 - Topics in Software Knowledge Engineering

Bringing the power of SVG to a genome browser near you! An informal presentation on some work I'd like to do.

CMPT 857 - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Presentations and supplementary information
Suffix Trees in Computational Biology

CMPT 865 - Topics in Parallel and Distributed Systems

Agent Oriented Programming as an Abstraction for Grid Services

CMPT 866 - Topics in Human Computer Interaction

Tangible Chess for the Compaq Tablet PC (initial attempt)
ChessBox: A Tangible Interface for Computer Chess (final project)

CMPT 880 - Supervised research course

A set reduction and pattern matching problem motivated by Allele Specific Primer Design

A work in progress