drkDarren R. Korber, Ph.D.

Food & Bioproduct Sciences (FABS)
Rm 4E16, Agriculture Building, University of Saskatchewan
51 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5A8  Canada
Phone:  (306) 966-7786
Fax:  (306) 966-8898
e-mail:  darren.korber@usask.ca

gfp bacteria

gfp-transformed Pseudomonas fluorescens


My research has a variety of interdisciplinary foci.  Projects range from elucidating the molecular and physiological mechanisms that allow biofilm-forming pathogens on food processing surfaces to survive sanitation and environmental stresses, using microorganisms to convert biofuel byproducts to higher-value platform chemicals, interspecies interactions of pathogenic and probiotic microorganisms for improved human and animal health, examining biofilm successional events that contribute to the plugging of water wells, studying microbially-mediated biogeochemical transformations and mobilization of metal species in uranium mine tailings, extending the shelf-life and safety of value-added meat products, and characterizing microbial communities found in environmental waters for determinants of antibiotic resistance. Researchers in my group employ a variety of technologies and methods in their work, including digital microscopy and analytical imaging techniques such as confocal scanning laser, synchrotron soft-transmission X-ray, light, and atomic force microscopy.  Molecular approaches include site-directed mutagenesis, PCR variations, DNA sequencing of isolates and clone libaries, DGGE, genomic and proteomic/2D-PAGE analyses.  Mass spectrometry, as well as other analysis techiques are also instrumental in fully-elucidating molecular mechanisms.

Research in my group often involves collaboration with other groups and labs.. This enhances the capacity for the student to carry out research, as well as their overall "graduate experience". To get a better idea of the kinds of studies that have been done in the past as well as new ones, I invite students and visitors to browse my website, particularly the publications and graduate opportunities pages. PH.D. AND M.SC. APPLICATIONS FROM QUALIFIED PERSONS ARE CURRENTLY BEING REVIEWED FOR UPCOMING OPENINGS.

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