Professor David Palmer

DaveDr. Palmer is a member of the Department of Chemistry. He joined the faculty in 1999, and was appointed Acting Head of Chemistry beginning July 1, 2010, and Head of Chemistry as of July 2011. He was promoted to Professor in 2014. He was the Program Chair and Treasurer of the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Program for the 88th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC2005), and was Chair of the Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry for 2005-2006. He co-founded the Western Canadian Medicinal Chemistry Workshop (WCMCW) with Dr. Ed Krol. Dr. Palmer was the group leader of the SHRF-funded Molecular Design Research Group from 2009 - 2013, and currently serves on the executive of the PRISM Centre.

Dr. Palmer has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.  His doctoral thesis on reaction mechanisms in the presence of cyclodextrins was completed under the co-supervision of Professor Greg Thatcher and Professor Erwin Buncel.  His postdoctoral work in enzymology was carried out in the laboratory of Professor John Gerlt in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

group May 2015

Our laboratory and our science has benefited from the diversity of our team members! We have enjoyed the contributions of students from 16 countries on five continents (Australia & Antarctica still to come), with degrees in chemistry, materials science, pharmaceutical science, biochemistry, and physics. It should not need to be said, but we welcome all qualified, curious, motivated  students with an interest in organic chemistry and enzymology, regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.

Laboratory Manager

Natasha Vetter
(BSc, Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan, PhD candidate)

Postdoctoral Fellows

   Currently between postdocs

Graduate Students

  Akay Akohwarien - MSc candidate.
  (BSc, Chemistry, Queen's University at Kingston)

  Douglas Fansher - MSc candidate.
  (BSc, Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan)

  Theerawat Prasertanan - PhD candidate.
  (MSc, Biochemistry, Mahidol University)

  Josseline Ramos-Figueroa - PhD candidate.
  (Degree in Chemistry, Universidad Nacional de Ingenierķa)

  Mohadaseh Majdi Yazdi - PhD candidate.
  (MSc, University of Lethbridge)

  Joshua Zimmerman - MSc candidate.
  (BSc, University of Waterloo)


  Richard Granger


Hall of Fame

Lab alumni and last known whereabouts

Postdoctoral fellow

    Dr. Isaac Asiamah (2014-18) - Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Univ. of the Cape Coast    
    Dr. Krishna Annadi (2015-17)
- Synthetic Organic Chemist, IntelliSyn, Montreal.   
    Dr. Rajendar Dyapa (2015)
- Synthetic Organic Chemist, Toronto Research Chemicals
    Dr. Rajendra Jagdhane (2011-2014) - Senior Research Officer, Glenmark Research Centre, Mahape Navi Mumbai.
    Dr. Shazia Anjum (2008-2011) - Professor, Islamia University Bahawalpur.
    Dr. Richard Daniellou
(2003-2005) - 
Professor, Universite d'Orleans. [homepage]
    Dr. Xiaojian Zhou (2001-2002) -
V.P. Research & Development, TC Scientific, Edmonton.
    Dr. Guoxiang Ma
(2000-2001) -
Scientist, Apotex Fermentation Inc., Winnipeg.

Graduate Students

    Aarti Bhagwat, MSc 2016 -
    Cuylar Conly, MSc 2015 - Science Associate, Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon
    Yulia Skovpen, PhD 2014 -
Bioinformatics curation and analysis, Rancho Biosciences, Boston
   Julie Boisvert-Martel, MSc 2013
- Instructor, College de Rosemont, Montreal.
    Hari Babu Aamudalapalli, MSc 2012 - Scientist, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad
    Maohai Fang, PhD 2010 - Process Research Engineer, International Flavors and Fragrances, Hangzhou, China
    David Langill, MSc 2010 - Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia.
    Hongyan Zheng, PhD 2010 - Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto.
    Marek Galka, PhD 2009 
R&D Scientist, Apotex Pharmachem.
    Dan Toogood, MSc 2009
senior chemistry teacher, Bethlehem High School, Saskatoon, SK.
    Chris Phenix, PhD 2007 -
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Saskatchewan.[homepage]
    Karen Ho, MSc 2006 -
Chemistry Instructor, Mount Royal University, Calgary.
    Yunhua Jia, MSc 2005
Research Technician, University of Saskatchewan.
    Andrea Macova
, MSc 2005 -
Biosafety Technician, University of Alberta, Edmonton.
    Pui Hang (Tony) Tam, MSc 2004 -
Postdoctoral fellow, Alberta Glycomics Centre, Edmonton.
    Milan Bhasin, MSc 2004 - Technical Officer, National Research Council, Ottawa.


Andrei Loutchnikov, Kirstin Derdall, Jennifer Billinsky, Gillian Proctor, Ignace Moya, Chantal Levesque, Mike Laliberte, Grant Bare, Jillian Cowie, David Langill, Karen Thai, Tae-Eun Kim, Blaine Langman, Crystal Daschner, Wala Daoud, Kim Hanson, Brian Wong, Natasha Vetter, Grey Wilkinson, Egiroh Omene, Julie Boisvert, Jong Bum Ko, Jordan Martinson, Shuo Li, Cuylar Conly, Lori Hart, Danielle Stephens, Linda Vogt, Chelsea Cunningham, Brett Richter, Joseph Smith, Chaojie Wang, Amanda Bunyamin, Cheyanne Lehnert, Zachary Huschi, Claire Liu.

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