Graduate Students

David Sumner, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan


Current Doctoral Students

       R. Chakravarty, Flow around surface-mounted bluff bodies using LES (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom)

       A new Ph.D. student will be starting in September 2018

Current Master's Students

       C. Heng, Flow around surface-mounted finite-height square prisms

       H. Reitenbach, Wake interference effects for surface-mounted bluff bodies

Former Graduate Students

       A. Beitel (2017), Flow around a surface-mounted finite cylinder

       L. Mittal, M.Sc., (2016), Identifying the flow conditions in pneumatic conveying of wheat grains through horizontal straight and bent pipe using pressure drop (co-supervised with S. Noble)

       S. Unnikrishnan, M.Sc. (2016), An experimental investigation of aspect ratio and incidence angle effects on the mean wake of a surface-mounted finite-height square prism

       S. Hossain, M.Sc. (2015), Development of semi-empirical models to measure mass flow rate of solids in an air seeder (co-supervised with S. Noble)

       A. Ogunremi, M.Sc. (2014), The effect of a wake-mounted splitter plate on the flow around a surface-mounted finite-height square prism

       N. Rostamy, Ph.D. (2012), Fundamental studies of the wake structure for surface-mounted finite circular cylinders and prisms (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom)

       M. Einian, Ph.D. (2012), Large eddy simulation of flow around a finite square cylinder (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom)

       A. Igbalajobi, M.Sc. (2011), The effect of a splitter plate on the flow around a surface-mounted finite circular cylinder (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom)

       N. Tonui, M.Sc. (2009), An experimental investigation of the flow around impulsively started cylinders

       M.S. Adaramola, Ph.D. (2008), The wake of an exhaust stack in cross-flow (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom)

       H. Li, M.Sc. (2008), Two staggered finite circular cylinders in cross-flow

       M.G. Crane, M.Sc. (2003), Commissioning of a stereoscopic PIV system

       J.L. Heseltine, M.Sc. (2003), Flow around a circular cylinder with a free end

       S.K. Rao, M.Sc. (2003), Fluid-structure interactions between a circular cylinder and a channel bed (co-supervised with R. Balachandar)

       O.O. Akosile, M.Sc. (2002), Circular cylinders in a uniform planar shear flow

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

       J.E. Barth

       O.J.P. Dansereau

       H.B. Hemingson

       J.L. Heseltine

       J.D. Leuschen

       J.F. McClean

       M. Obach (co-supervised with D.J. Bergstrom and D.A. Torvi)

       A.J. Schenstead

Prospective graduate students should contact me by email and provide the following information: scanned copies of your university transcripts, English language test scores (for certain countries) (in all the individual categories), and lists of awards and publications.  You should also mention your specific skills or experience related to fluid mechanics (experimental experience in particular), whether from a project, research internship, thesis, etc.

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Last updated: May 25, 2018