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David Sumner, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan


Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

The Wind Tunnel Laboratory (Room ENG 1B20) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is home to our low-speed wind tunnel.  The wind tunnel is a closed-return design.  Air flow is supplied by a variable-pitch fan that is powered by a 100-hp electric motor.  The test section is fitted with a ground plane (containing a computer-controlled turntable for mounting test models) and a three-axis, computer-controlled probe positioning system (for pressure probes, hot-wire probes, etc.).  The test section is fitted with corner fillets.


Test-Section Dimensions: 0.91 m (height) x 1.13 m (width) x 1.96 m (length)

Freestream Velocity Range: 10 to 50 m/s

Longitudinal Freestream Turbulence Intensity: 0.6%

Velocity Non-Uniformity: 0.5% (outside wall boundary layers)

Schematic of our low-speed wind tunnel.

X-Y Towing Tank

The Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (Room ENG 1B87) is home to a novel X-Y towing tank.
Photographs of the X-Y towing tank.
Photos of the large wind tunnel at the NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, March 2006.
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