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Canadian Cattle Industry and BSE
Listening - Click here to listen to a story about the how BSE is affecting the Canadian cattle industry. After you listen once, listen again and answer the following questions.  Note: There will be a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary. For the answer, write what you think you hear.

Here are some vocabulary words that you will hear:

1. In what part of Canada is cattle raising a major industry? (1)

2. What percentage of cattle is raised for the U.S. market? (1)

3. What is wrong with Canada’s own domestic market? (1)

4. What are two possible results for small family farms? (2)

5. What problems are cattle farmers used to? (3)

6. Why are many farmers angry? (1)

7. What event gave some people hope that the situation between the US and Canada will improve? Explain how this might help Canada.  (2)

8. Why are some farmers skeptical? (1)

9. Agriculture policy is politically sensitive. What does this mean for Canada? (2)

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to see the answers.