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This American Life : Middlemen
Listening - Today's listening is about  "middlemen." You only need to listen to the first 6:30 minutes. Click here to go the page where the listening is located. To hear the listening, click on the icon of the speaker.
1. What kind of company did Chris work for?

2. Describe how Chris did his job?

3. Since he worked nights, the types of calls were often a bit strange. List three strange types of calls.

4. When people on the phone got into arguments, what would they try to do?

5. What would Chris say when the people did this?

6. Briefly describe the phone call between a mother and daughter that Chris was involved in.

7. What did two black men do to Chris one day on the phone?

8. How did Chris feel about this?

9. Briefly describe the story about the man who had just fallen off a ladder.

10. What happened at the end of these phone calls with this man?

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to see the answers.