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Pumpkin-Shaped Earth

Listening directions - This is a story about the shape of the earth. Click here to go to the page where this story is located. On the page, click on "Listen" to hear the story.

Here are some vocabulary words that you will hear:
mid-riff bulge
to squish
to ooze
molten rock
to slosh

1. What 2 things are to blame for the Earth’s shape? (2)

2. When did the ice sheets melt? (1)

3. What has been happening to the Earth since the ice sheets melted? (1)

4. What did scientists discover in 1998? Why was this surprising? (2)

5. After four years of study, what did they discover? (2)

6. Why did they not believe that melting ice was causing the situation? (1)

7. Where did they decide to look for an explanation? (1)

8. What two things can alter the Earth’s gravitational field? (2)

9. What can NASA’s new satellites detect? (2)

10. What do scientists hope to determine in the future? (2)

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to see the answers.