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Air Pollution
Listening - Click here to listen to a story about . Then, answer the following questions.  Note: There will be a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary. For the answer, write what you think you hear.

Here are some of the new words you will hear: sufficiently, vision, incorporate, scale, collaborate, obsolete

1. Which Indian city is mentioned in the introduction?

2. What is Mario Molina's area of study?

3. Where is he a professor?

4. What prize has he won?

5. When we think about the activities of society, what do we need to take into account?

6. How should industrialized countries interact with developing countries?

7. If clean technologies already exist, why aren't they used?

8. What are two things that we can expect in the future as a result of pollution?

9. What will happen in the long term if we do something about pollution now?

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to see the answers.