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Baby Talk and Pet Talk
Listening - Click here to listen to a story about baby talk and pet talk. After you listen once, listen again and answer the following questions.  Note: There will be a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary. For the answer, write what you think you hear.

Here are some vocabulary words that you will hear:

1. Why is baby talk important, according to linguists?

2. Who is Harley?

3. Where does Dennis Burman work?

4. What did Berman and his colleagues decide to study?

5. What three toys did they give the mothers?

6. How did was pet talk different than baby talk?

7. Why do we accentuate the vowels when we speak with babies?

8. What are we doing when we speak to pets?

9. Who else do we baby talk to?

10. What is another possible reason given for why we speak to pets?

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to see the answers. I will put the answers up on Monday.