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Dewey's Plans for the Long Break
Listening - Listen to Dewey talk about his plans for the long September break and answer the following questions.  Note: There may be some unfamiliar vocabulary. For the answer, write what you think you hear. Click here to listen.

1.  What are Dewey’s plans for September?

2.  On what day will Dewey’s flight leave? 

3.  What time will the flight leave and arrive?  How long will the flight last?

4.  Describe the weather in Italy in September.

5.  What is the first place Dewey said he is going to?  What will he see there?

6.  Where else is Dewey going?  Why is he going there? 

7.  Where will he spend most of his time when he is in Italy?

8.  What is special about Dewey’s visit this year, in 2004?

9.  Why did he go to Italy the first time?

10.  Why will Dewey’s visit be especially exciting for him?

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to check your answers.