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Tracey's Usual Activities
Listening - Listen to Tracey describe what she usually does in her free time and answer the following questions.  Note: There may be some unfamiliar vocabulary. For the answer, write what you think you hear. Click here to listen.

1. What does Tracey do to relax on weekends?

2. Where does Tracey shop?

3. What does Tracey like about the Roastery?

4. What does Dewey not like about the Roastery?

5. What news does Tracey tell Dewey?

6. What does Dewey never do? Why?

7. What does Tracey do when friends come over?

8. Are Tracey's fires dangerous? Explain.

9. How does Tracey get her firewood?

10. How often does she have a fire?

Once you have attempted to answer the questions, click here to check your answers.