Spelling/Phonics Practice: A Full-Size ******* of Stonehenge, in a Search for Long-Lost Answers. Click here to listen.

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(a) I’m Faith Lapidus. And I’m Steve with in VOA Special English. Today we some of the about the ancient mysterious in Britain ****** Stonehenge.
(b) Scientists the ***** of ***** called Stonehenge has in England for at . In modern times, millions of people from all over the world have the ancient .
(c) believe the builders of Stonehenge knew about design, engineering and . These ancient people did not have highly developed . But they built a huge ******** of heavy . One of the largest ****** weighed about forty ********* kilograms.
(d) Stonehenge is the known of a number of ancient places in Britain. It stands on the , Salisbury , near the city of Salisbury, England. Most of the ******* of Stonehenge stand in of ******. They in height, weight and surface texture. For centuries, people have questioned the of the *******.
(e) Early Britons built Stonehenge from bluestone and a very hard sandstone called sarcen. Some of the monument's ****** have ******* on top. The ******* ****** on the ******* stones. Some ********* ******* are more than meters high. Other, ******* lie on the ground.
(f) Work on Stonehenge may have as early as five ******** ******* ago. Scientists believe it was over periods lasting more than one ******* ******. Archeologists have studied Stonehenge for many *******. Their research helped make possible the building of an , full-size or of the mysterious .
(g) A company, the National Geographic Channel, for the ******. One was to more about Stonehenge. And National Geographic Channel filmmakers wanted to the process. The result was a television film "Rebuilding Stonehenge" or more simply, "Stonehenge.”

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