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UPrep 1

UPrep 1

  • Parts of Speech - Click here to take a quiz about recognizing parts of speech.
  • Units 1-3: Past, Present, Future

    Exerices for Irregular Verbs - Lots of practice to help you learn all of the irregular verbs in English. Once you are on the page, click on the Flashcards and Exercises links.

    Dewey's Verb Forms Usage Grid - Here is a grid which explains the various ways in which the different verb forms are used, including a story to make the ideas clear. You can use the grid and a picture from the following link below to make your own story.

    Empty Tenses Grid: You can download this and use it to write your own examples.

    Pictures for a Grammar Story - For practice with the verb forms, you can write a story about one of these picuture (similar to exercise 10 on page 30 of Focus on Grammar 5 [2006]).

    • Click here for instructions and a form you can use to keep track of the verb forms you use.
    • Click here for an example story.

    Listen to a Four-Part Interview with the Weinlicks - They are the couple from the story at the beginning of Unit 2.

    John's Verb Tenses Booklet - Here is a handout that John made in which he offers his explanations of the tenses in English.

  • Units 10 and 11: Noun Clauses, Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Practice test for Noun Clauses, Direct and Indirect Speech - This practice test is an actual old test that we won't use again. It is very similar to the kind of test you can expect. You can get the answer key here.

    Reported Speech Exercises

  • Units 4 - 5: Modals of Necessity and Certainty

    Modal Explanations and Exercises - This is from

    More Modal Exercises

    Guessing and giving advice - (Don't do this exercise until your teacher assigns it) - Read this email about some problems your friend is having with cats. Respond to the email helping your friend understand the problems and giving advice about how to solve the problems. Use as many of the modals and modal-like expressions (including ones with "not") as you can from Units 5 and 6. Click here for a possible email answer about the problem.

    Practice Test- Here is an actual test that we have used in the past. Doing this test will be excellent practice for the actual kind of test we give.

    Practice Test Answer - Here is the answer key to the practice test. Use this only to check your answers after you have done the practice test.

  • Units 6 - 8: Count and Non-Count Nouns, Definite and Indefinite Articles, and Quantifiers

Practice test for Nouns, Articles, Quantifiers - This practice test is an actual old test that we won't use again. It is very similar to the kind of test you can expect. You can get the answer key here.

Web Practice with Count/Noncount Nouns and Quantifiers-



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