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General Listening Links with Lots of Practice

UPrep 1 University Lecture Practice

UPrep 1

First Chinese Students to Canada - Click here to listen to a documentary about the first Chinese exchange students that came to Canada 40 years ago.

Breaking News English ( This website has many articles and listenings about current news, from easy to difficult, including quizzes. A great website to practice all of your English skills!

Practice Catching Main Ideas - Click here to download a worksheet to practice

"At the Bank" numbers practice- Here is a conversation between Tim, who wants to buy a new house, and a loan officer at his bank.

Practice with Definitions

Practice with Numbers

  • Listen and write down the 25 phone numbers
  • Listen and write down the 25 large numbers
  • Listen and write down the 35 fractions (# 14 was skipped)

Once you've listened and written down your answers to these three exercises, you can check the right answers here.

Cancer Statistics - Here is the mini-lecture about cancer rates in Canada, which we listened to in class.

Practice Listening Test 2- Here is a practice test for test 2.

Open Forum Listening Textbook - This site has lots of listenings, quizzes (with the answers), and transcripts from a series of listening textbooks, high beginning to advanced.

Archeological Dating Methods - Here are some mini-lectures about the topics discussed in the "Archeological Dating Methods" lecture from Learn to Listen: Listen to Learn.

YouTube Lectures for IELTS Practice on How to Describe Graphs - These are lessons for describing various type of charts and graphs.

Stress Lecture Quiz- Here is a practice quiz for stress lecture. Once you have taken the quiz and written the summary, you can click here to see an example of a good summary.

Environment - On the Living on Earth website, not only can you hear current stories about the environment and read the transcripts, but you can also find 100s of stories in the archives.

  • Go to April 8, 2011, and scroll down to "Bird Note: How Brown Pelicans Dive"

Everything - offers over 700 lectures on almost any topic you can think of.

  • Here is an interesting talk from an English teacher in Dubai which questions if the world's focus really should be on learning English or not.

Science - Pulse of the Planet offers 100s of 2-minute stories about the science.

  • Go to "Daily Programs" and click on "Tsunami: Origins" (April 7, 2011)

News -

  • Click here to watch a 10-minute, condensed version of CBC's evening news program The National.
  • CNN Student News has a 10-minute news video, which includes the transcript.
  • Click here to watch a video about the possibility of an earthquake in British Columbia.

Health - Here is a website from the US called Zorba Paster On Your Health with lots of interesting stories about medicine and health.

Technology - MIT has many interesting university-style lectures on the MIT World Website, where you can Browse many videos.

  • Here is a lecture from MIT about the "city car". Listen until minute 23.



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