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Parts of Speech

Quiz - Click here to take a quiz about recognizing parts of speech.

Making Inferences

  • Link 1 - Several worksheets with short stories and answers.
  • Link 2 - Worksheets with answers from a well-known book publisher.

Reading Projects

Short Articles -

Academic Articles -

Practice Reading Test #2

Practice Test This here to download a practice test that has a similar format as reading test 2.

Short Articles to Read

Inside-Out ( This website has hundred of articles from easy to difficult. Each article has comprehension questions and other exercises.

Breaking News English ( This website has many articles and listenings about current news, from easy to difficult, including quizzes. A great website to practice all of your English skills!

On-line Dictionaries

Longman Web Dictionary ( This is the dictionary that some classes use at the U of S Language Centre. It uses IPA to show the pronunciation and even has pictures. ( This site has a good dictionary and thesauruses.

Newbury House Online Dictionary ( It also uses IPA to show the pronunciation and has many example sentences.

Merriam-Webster ( It is one of the most common collegiate dictionaries in North America. It includes the origin of the words. This is also a thesaurus.

Learning Vocabulary

New General Service List (NGSL) -

Quizlet Vocabulary Lists-

Vocabulary Website - SpellingCity is a great website to learn and practice vocabulary in a fun way.

Original General Service List - If you want to improve your vocabulary, but you don't know which words are good to learn, check out these words lists.

English Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots - Understanding basic word parts is a great way to guess the meanings of new words. Click here to download a list of the common English prefixes, suffixes, and roots (10 pages).

Vocabulary in Sentences - These sites let you type in a word and see a sample of sentences from textbooks or journal documents that contain that word. It's a great way to learn collocations in English.

AntWordProfiler ( This free program lets you analyze an article to easily see which words in the article are from the 1st 1000 word list, the 2nd 1000 word list, the academic word list, and which words are not on any of the lists.

Learn Vocabulary Using Maclean's ( Here is an exercise to learn vocabulary using the Maclean's magazine website and an online dictionary.

"Interesting Things" ( A general ESL web site with many activities to learn vocabulary.

"The Idiom Connection" ( This is a great site for learning all sorts of great idioms in English.



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