Choose the correct part of speech according to how the words are used in the sentence.

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Dangers of Elks

1. Most people who visit Banff National Park in Alberta are wise enough not to approach bears. 2. However, elk appear to be such quiet and docile animals many people attempt to close in for pictures or a better look. 3. Unfortunately, elk can be quite dangerous and annually injure more park visitors than bears or any other species. 4. Elk are deceptively powerful. 5. Elk, on average, weigh over 1200 pounds and their antlers are longer than your arm. 6. While they may appear to be encumbered by their size, they move quickly and can outrun a human. 7. Elk are very protective. 8. During mating season, a male elk will defend his females by attacking anything that comes too close. 9. This includes you or your car. 10. Likewise, females are very defensive of their babies. 11. A female will fight anything that comes near her calves even if the calves are well hidden in the trees or brush. 12. Park visitors should be more aware of the dangers these great animals present and protect themselves by keeping their distance.