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Lab Recording

Lab Recording Rubric - This is the sheet we teachers use to evaluate your lab recording.

Discussion Group Handouts - These sheets will be useful to you for your group discussions.

Discussion Test Rubric - This is the sheet we teachers use to evaluate your group discussion.

Leader Gambits

Language for Group Discussions

Discussion Example

Graphs -

Graph Presentation Rubric - This is the sheet we teachers use to evaluate your graph presentation.

YouTube Lectures for IELTS Practice on How to Describe Graphs - These are lessons for describing various type of charts and graphs.

Lesson 1 - Describing Trends

Example 1 - Describing a Bar Chart, Line Graph

Example 2 - Describing a Pie Chart, Bar Chart

Example 3 - Describing a Table

Example 4 - Describing a Pie Chart

Example 5 - Describing a Line Graph

Example 6 - Describing a Bar Graph

Recording Software - Here is software you can download for free to record your own speech.

Audacity - This is the same program we use in the computer lab.

Pronunciation Sites and Handouts- Here are some good sites where you can practice your pronunciation.

Pronouncing -ed in English

English Pronunciation/Listening from Okanagan University College

English Pronunciation Practice from

American English Pronunciation Practice (lots of minimal pair activities) from

The Phonetics of English See and hear how the sounds of English are produced

Sounds of English Many activities, handouts, and demonstrations.



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