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Phil 418 -Advanced Analytic Philosophy

Phil 817 - Topics in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

Analytic Philosophy as it developed over the 20 century is a sprawling, complex, cluster of positions with broad affinities and family resemblances to each other. Our Historical survey will necessarily be selective and will cover roughly 1905 to 1975. We will start with Russell’s logical atomism and Moore’s common sense realism in the first decades of the century, broadening out to logical empiricism in Ayer, the early Wittgenstein, and Carnap then the emergence of ordinary language philosophy under the influence of the later Wittgenstein, Ryle, and Austin and then the synthesis of pragmatism and naturalism in Quine, Sellars, and Davidson, and the lasting effects of developments in symbolic logic on philosophical analysis. A fundamental aim of the course will be to illuminate current philosophical analysis by looking at major currents in its development.
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Phil 202 - Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion  

In this course we will look at arguments for and against the existence of God, questions about the capacity of language and experience to convey religious knowledge, the relation of faith and reason,  and questions about the the nature of the divine and whether is possible to know the attributes of a divine being.


MWF  9:30 - 10:50
Arts 607
MWF 9:30 - 10:20
text: Various electronic and PDF sources text: Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings, 4th Edition
Michael Peterson, William Hasker, Bruce Reichenbach and David Basinger
Oxford University Press, 2010,  paperback, ISBN-10: 0195393597