Chobits begins introducing us to Hideki Motosuwa, a student upgrading at a prep school in Tokyo so he can get into University. His allowance from his parents has been cut off, so he must also work a part time job in order to pay his bills. In Hidek's world, androids resemble humans called "persocoms," are used as personal computers by many people. These cyborgs are used in all aspects of life but unfortunately they are also very expensive, making it impossible for him to purchase one, which he states would be used mainly to surf the internet for pornography. Hideki truly is a typical 18 year old boy. On night, on his way home from work, Hideki notices an very beautiful persocom lying in an alley on top of some trash

Excited, he picks her up and takes her back to his apartment to turn her on, but has trouble finding her "on" button until curiosity gets the best of him and he looks between her legs only to find it. Immediately she appears to adore Hideki. Unlike other persocoms, she seems to only be able to say one word, "Chi" which is what he names her. Assuming that there must be something wrong with her, Hideki brings Chi to his friend and neighbor Shinbo's apartment to show him the problem. Shinbo uses his mobile persocom Sumomo (who is essentially the laptop version of a persocom) to analyze Chi but she crashes during the attempt and it becomes clear that Chi is not your typical persocom. Shinbo introduces Hideki to Minoru Kokubunji, a twelve-year-old computer prodigy who specializes in the field of custom-built persocoms. Minoru's is also unable able to analyze Chi, leading him to believe that she may be one of the Chobits, a legendary series of persocoms rumored to have free will and emotions. Minoru maintains that this is just a theory, and since she does not resemble any persocoms in the main database, she was probably custom built.


Through the series, Hideki tries very hard to teach Chi how to speak and act like a regular human being, leading to many awkward and hilarious situations. At one point Chi even gets a job at a bakery to help Hideki earn some money. As she learns more and more from Hideki, it becomes clear that she has feelings for her owner despite being an android. Hideki too, struggles with both sexual and romantic feelings for Chi, which also makes him ashamed since a relationship with a persocom is not considered appropriate.


Confused about her identity and relationship with Hideki, Chi finds a series of books entitled A City with No People which she finds in a bookstore. The book teaches Chi about human and persocom relationships: persocoms and their convenience as friends and lovers, how there are things that they cannot do and questioning whether a relationship between a persocom and a human is really one-sided. It also speaks about the Chobits series; that they are different from other persocoms, and what they are incapable doing unlike other persocoms. It is also revealed that the books were written by Chi's "mother" under a pseudonym, to help her reconnect with her past.

These picture books awaken Chi's other self, her sibling Freya and the story of their past is revealed. Freya was created by Ichiro Mihara, the late president of the company that produces persocoms for his wife who could not bear children. Freya was the first Chobit, and lived happily with her new family for a little while, until her mother began to notice a change in mood. Hoping to cheer her up, Mihara created Elda (Chi) to be Freya's little sister. When this does not help, they soon realize that Freya has fallen in love with her own father, but not wanting to hurt her mother she suppressed her feelings, which was very painful. Unable to bare the pain any longer, Freya asks Elda to upload her memories into her own body and Freya self destructs.

Freya's goal is to help Chi when she realises Hideki is her soul mate, proctecting her sister’s heart from breaking like hers ultimately did. In the end, Chi understands who she is and Hideki realizes he is in love with Chi, casting aside his shame and tells her that she is the "person just for him." This presents its own set of problems however, when Chi’s final program begins to execute once Hideki has admitted his love. The program was designed to have her connect to every persocom in existence, enabling them to feel as she does.  The Japanese government is aware of this ultimate end, fearing the destruction that could be caused by androids becoming self aware.  They send two persocoms, Zima and Dita to stop Chi, but Zima changes his mind and allows her to continue in hopes that he may be able to feel love for Dita. In the end, all persocoms are endowed with the ability to achieve “true happiness” and Hideki and Chi begin their life together.