Saskatchewan Plant Community Ecology Lab

Fundamental and applied research into the mechanisms that structure plant and soil communities. We study the mechanisms structuring plant community diversity, plant - soil interactions, plant competition, rangeland ecology and management, and statistical ecology.

GPS Collared Bison, OMB

Recent Lab News

December 2017 News coverage from CBC Saskatchewan and the Calgary Herald about the bison grazing research Hannah and Dale are leading at Old Man on His Back

September 2017 Story on Dale and Hannah's ongoing research in collaboration with Nature Conservancy of Canada at Old Man on His Back

August 2017 Congratulations to Mostafa Serajchi on the successful defense of his PhD.

May 2017 Welcome to Dale Gross, new PhD. student, and Hannah Hilger, new MSc. student

March 2017 Congratulations to Jessica Slopek and Kalli Noble on the successful presentation of their undergraduate theses

December 2016 Congratulations to Krystal Isbister on the successful defense of her MSc. thesis

November 2016 Congratulations to Scholarship winners honored at the Bean Feed: Zelamem Taye (Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission Post Graduate Award), Jessica Slopek (Carlson Scholarship in Renewable Resource Management), and Udayanga Attanayake (Redmann Scholarship)