Earl Fogel

:-) Xearl: Warrior Princess

I work in Information and Communications Technology at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, where I run web servers (the first in Saskatchewan), and do general Unix support.

Recently, I've been working on web server performance and security, upgrading CAS and PAWS and Cascade, and replacing our old Movable Type blogs with WordPress.

In days gone by, I received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and developed educational software at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. I also helped out at Northern Lights Internet Solutions. I have a family too.

You can leave me a note, or look at my bookmarks.

Things I've Done

I wrote the Hytelnet software for Unix and VMS systems. Hytelnet was the world's first internet browser, predating both gopher and the web. Peter Scott created Hytelnet on the PC, I moved it to Unix and VMS. Paul Lindner borrowed some of my code when he wrote the first gopher client, and Lou Montulli borrowed some when he developed the Lynx text mode web browser. Hytelnet has since been overtaken by the web, so no one uses my Hytelnet software any more.

Earl's Perls is a small collection of perl scripts that may be useful to other webmasters. Of particular note are the History Quiz and Flag Quiz I wrote for our History Department, and my Meta-Search Engine (EarlMeta).

Here's something that never made it big, the Time of Day in Saskatoon (ascii graphic).

Things I Like

Earl Fogel, U of S Information Technology Services