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[SND]1985-08-13 first memories to corner store.mp303-Apr-2006 17:44 14M
[SND]1985-08-13 store to restaurant in Transcona.mp303-Apr-2006 17:51 14M
[SND]1985-08-13 transcona to 20th Century Fox.mp303-Apr-2006 20:16 10M
[SND]1988-02-17 Philip Geller side 1.mp303-Apr-2006 20:23 14M
[SND]1988-02-17 Philip Geller side 2.mp303-Apr-2006 20:30 14M
[SND]1988-02-19 Bertha Geller side 1.mp303-Apr-2006 20:46 14M
[SND]1988-02-19 Bertha Geller side 2.mp303-Apr-2006 20:53 14M
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