Julie's Stories

Miss Mackle and the Grasshopper, Sept. 9, 1997

Horrible Harry was very horrble.

He put a grasshopper in Miss Mackle's sandwich.

When Miss Mackle opened her lunch bag the grasshopper jumped in her shirt and tickled her.

She started to laugh as she tried to take it out.

While she was laughing she told Harry to go to the principal's office.

Harry told the pricipal he did not do it.

Harry came back with a big smile on his face. I knew he got away with it.

untitled, January 13-14, 1998

Once upon a time there was a nest of stegosaurs eggs.
One mornig a little stegosaur hatched and whent too look for his mom.
And he saw sum tyranosaurs he said "are you my mom". "no" they sed.
Then he saw 4 long necs he said "are you my mom" "no" they said.
Then he sew 6 triceratops he sed "are you mi mom". "no" they sed.
Then he was tired so he went home wen he got back he saw a stegasaure beside the nest he said "are you my mom". "yes".

The Big Bad Ant-eaters, February 1998

Own day the ant-eaters got really mad, they decided too get rid of theose ants.
So they called the littel bad bear.
He sed "get the big bad pumpkins" "as you wish" they sed.
Baby Anty ran away he accidentally fell into the secret

Tedy and his tedibears, March 1998

One day Tedy was playing with his tedibears went Ted his favorite tedibear sed "you should go up stares and tell the others to go to the store. Tedy did as he sed.
His dad sed "all stai with Tedy". "No"! sed Tedy. "I won't to stai home.
"Ok" sed his dad "but donet go outside".
Tedy wente upstares.
Went he got up stares. Ted sed i bedr tell Tedy the plan sins he cant go outside.

My Day as a Dog, April 1998

One morning I woke up and I fell out of my bed and I had some trouble getting ready for school. I got on the bus and went too school. My teacher was surprised! At recess I went out side I played with Neara. I dug up an ant hole and I found the queen ant. Me and Neara caught the queen ant. After school I went home. The next morning I woke up and I was human again. The End.

Si j'étais une tortue de mer, Fevrier 1999

Si j'étais une tortue de mer
Qui vivait dans l'océan
Je ne serai pas vert ou clair
mais plutôt noire avec des lignes blanc.

Si seulement je pourrais être
Une tortue de mer
Je pourrais nager toute la journée
Et trouver des petites pierres.

Si j'é'tais une tortue de mer
Je glisserai et je plongerai
Je jouerai toujours
Et aussi je nagerai et aussi mangerai.

Si j'é'tais une tortue de mer
Je mangerai des méduses
Je jouerai dans les vagues
Pour que je m'amuse.

There once was a young girl named Rose, March 1999

There once was a young girl named Rose
Who thought she wanted more toes
Who had three feet
And ate lots of meat
And she liked to play with arrows.

Something I wanted, April 1999

One day I went to school. And in my desk there was a tiny turtle. I was very surprised & happy!

It was dictée today. The little turtle sat on my desk and wrote dictée for me. I got 100%.

My teacher asked me "How did you write so small?" I anserwed "I don't know because I didn't do it." Then my teacher said "Julie stop being silly!"

At recess I took the turtle outside. A boy was bugging me and he got to cose. The next thing I knew he was running and screaming. I looked at him and there was a little hole in his pants. I looked at the turtle with a little piece of silk in his mouth.

After recess it was gym. In gym we played tag in the dark. We were it the turtle got 11 people, I got 5. Woody won.

It was English class and dictée. I didn't know all the words. So the tinny turtle told me how to spel them all.

On the bus I was first. In my seat was a huge crocodile. The huge crocodile said to the turtle "Nice to sea you again, Snap." The turtle said "Nice to sea you too, Crock." When I got home I caried Snap in my house, Crock slept under my bed, with his legs and tail sticking out. Snap sleped on the register.

That morning the heet was on and I saw Snap flowting in the air. I could feel a snake on my leg. It was a boua constricter named Boua! That day school was canciled. I spent most of the time in my bedroom playing with Snap, Crock and Boua. Boua got hungrey so I went upstairs to get some food. I got Boua tree hambergers and some sasage. Boua ate it all and fast. At lunchtime, there was an iguana on my chair. Her name was Donna. That night I herd a nois so did Snap and the others. It was coming from the register. Out came a aligator named Ally. The next day Crock had 33 babies and Boua had 44. I took 11 crocodiles and 11 boa constrickters to school. My teacher was verry surprised. I passed them aroud. At home, Ally had 22 babies, Snap had 55 and Donna had 11.

I didn't know what to do. So I made a reptile zoo in my backyard.

Mes vacances, Janvier 2001

Le jour après Noël moi, ma mère, mon père, mon frère et ma grandmère sont aller a Victoria.

Nous sommes voley a Calgary et de la a Prince George, on était obliger d'attendre une heur avant de continuer a Victoria. A Victoria on a rester deux jours avec ma grand-tant Jennet et sont marie Robert.

Ils on une chienne qui s'appelle Penny. Elle est très petite. On est aller a Bouchar Gardens, c'est emmence et très beau.

A Noël ils font une énorme spectacle de lumierres. Ils font les douze jours de Noël ils sont just a #8. Après les deux jours nous sont aller rester a Chateau Victoria. Il y a une Restorant sur la 19e étage. Il ni a pas de 13e étage. On a rester sur la 12e étage por 3 jours. Il y a un picsine sur le 2e étage. Il y a une fontain en avant.

On est aller au Crystal Gardens c'est très beau, il y a des chave-souris, beaucoup de singes diferant, des perokéts et des flamants roses il y a aucci beaucoup de papillons et il y a des tortues. Après les 5 jours qu'on a rester a Victoria mes parents et mon frère sont retourner a Saskatoon. Mais moi et ma grande-mère sont aller a Regina et de la a Moose Jaw ou j'ai rester avec mes grand-parents et mon oncle pour 5 jours avant de retourner a Saskatoon.

Merci pour votre attention