The Vizeacoumar Lab

Cancer Cluster,
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency,
University of Saskatchewan.

5th Annual Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference (SCRC) 2018

The Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference will be held on
Wednesday, June 13th 2018

The Conference will capture some of the exciting ongoing cancer research
that is done exclusively in Saskatchewan to bring the bright minds together.



Scientific conferences often act as a welcomed source of motivation for clinicians and scientists to come together and build a translational application that can be rapidly progressed to the clinics. Although there are large international cancer conferences such as the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conferences, they often fail to connect people that work within a local neighborhood. Towards this, the Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference (SCRC) directly aims to bring all basic scientists and clinicians within the province of Saskatchewan to one place in a single event. We expect that this annual conference will serve as a valuable networking and learning event for students, physicians and scientists that are driven towards one goal - finding breakthrough therapeutics.

Benefit to student and trainees

Beyond hearing inspiring stories, we learn how others solved problems similar to ours, which may help move us past the roadblock in our own research. The students and trainees will have the opportunity to share their research findings with others in their field, learn what others in the field are doing. This can also lead to new ideas that can lead to new opportunities for collaborative efforts. In presenting their work students and trainees will a) Grow as a researcher and presenter; b) Obtain feedback on their research; c) Meet and get to know their peers; and d) Gain visibility in their field.

Joint Conference Opportunity

Participants at the SCRC are also encouraged to attend the two-day
Protein Structure, Function and Malfunction
(PSFaM) Meeting

There will be a poster presentations competition for
students and post-doctoral fellows.
First prize $300
Second prize $200
Third prize $100

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