The Vizeacoumar Lab

Cancer Cluster,
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency,
University of Saskatchewan.

SCRC 2014 Conferences

The 1st Annual Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference was held on
Wednesday, June 18th 2014



SCRC Agenda 2014

8:00 am Registration/Coffee - 2nd floor Atrium, D Wing
Health Science Building
8:50 am Dr. Keith Bonham, SCA
Welcoming Remarks
B450 Health Science Building
9:00 am Dr. Phil Hieter, Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC
Chromosome instability and synthetic lethality in yeast and cancer
10:00 am Dr. Wei Xiao, U of S
UEV1A is a putative proto-oncogene
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Dr. Franco Vizeacoumar, SCA
Exploiting the defective cancer genome
11:30 am Dr. Meena Sakharkar, U of S
PPAR gamma and breast cancer
12:00 pm Dr. Vijayananda Kundapur, SCA
Memory preservation during radiation treatment of the brain
12:30 - 2 pm Lunch & Poster Presentations - Main floor and 2nd floor atrium, D wing
2:00 pm Dr. Christopher Eskiw, U of S
Impact of Rapamycin on normal genome function and organization
2:30 pm Dr. Yuliang Wu, U of S
Three little pigs and the big bad wolf: Three DNA helicases and genome instability
3:00 pm Dr. Mohan Babu, U of R
Mitochondrial yeast protein-protein interactions reveal diverse complexes and disease-relevant functional relationsh
3:30 pm Coffee Break and Poster viewing.
3:50 pm Ms. Erika Beaton-Brown, U of S
HDI mediated transcriptional regulation of gene expression in cancer cells
4:10 pm Dr. Edward Bagu, U of S
Evidence of epigenetic regulation of the tumour suppressor Gene FRK in breast cancer cells
4:30 pm Dr. Alison Ward, U of S
CREB3L1, A breast cancer metastasis repressor, is silenced through DNA methylation research
4:50 pm Mr. Bharathikumar Maruthachalam, U of S
Deep sequencing applications in phage display for accelerating and improving antibody discovery
5:10 pm Dr. Shui Jiang, U of S
Roles for the CXCR1/CXCR2 receptors for ELR-CXC-positive chemokines and heterologous GPCRS in tumour angiogenesis
5:30 pm Poster Presentation Awards and Closing Remarks


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