The Vizeacoumar Lab

Cancer Cluster,
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency,
University of Saskatchewan.

SCRC 2015 Conference

The 2nd Annual Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference was held on
Thursday, June 25th 2015



SCRC Agenda 2015

8:00 am Registration/Coffee - D Wing, 4th floor Atrium (by Room 4D30 Cancer Cluster Office)
Health Sciences Building
8:50 am Dr. Keith Bonham, SCA
Welcoming Remarks
9:00 am Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit, University of Alberta
Understanding, defining and targeting drivers of tumor cell plasticity
10:00 am Dr. Maruti Uppalapati, U of S
Small protein based affinity reagents for targeting cancer biomarkers
10:30 am Coffee Break - D Wing, 4th floor Atrium
11:00 am Mr. Md Sayem Miah, U of S
The role and mechanism of BRK in breast cancer progression
11:20 am Dr. Shahid Ahmed, SCA
Regional lymph node status and ratio of metastatic to examined lymph nodes correlate with survival in stage IV colorectal cancer
11:40 am Mr. James Paul, U of S/SCA
Targeting EphB6 by synthetic lethality in breast cancer
12:00 - 2 pm Lunch - D Wing Atrium, Main floor
12:30 - 2 pm Poster Presentations - D wing, 2nd floor
2:00 pm Dr. Cheryl Helgason, BC Cancer Agency
Polycomb genes in cancer: Unravelling a role for CBX2
3:00 pm Dr. Peter Stirling, University of British Columbia
Genomic analyses to elucidate mechanisms of genome maintenance
3:40 - 5 pm Coffee Break - D Wing, 4th floor Atrium
4:00 - 5 pm Poster viewing - D Wing, 2nd floor
5:00 pm Dr. Azita Haddadi, U of S
Nanomedicine in cancer therapy
5:20 pm Dr. Khawaja Ashfaque Ahmed, U of S/SCA
Manose-6-phosphate receptor dictates life versus death decisions in T-cells
5:40 pm Dr. Behzad Toosi, U of S
The EphB6 receptor both augments growth and suppresses drug resistance in triple negative breast tumours
6:00 pm Poster Presentation Awards and Closing Remarks


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