The Vizeacoumar Lab

Cancer Cluster,
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency,
University of Saskatchewan.

Welcome to Phenogenomic Imaging Centre of Saskatchewan

Based at the University of Saskatchewan, our centre provides specialist support to help the Saskatchewan scientific community in carrying out high-throughput RNAi and CRISPR screens with human cells.

We support both high-content microscopy as well as infrastructure needed to process these samples in a high-throughput fashion. This can either be used to identify genes involved in disease representing future drug targets, or to identify genes involved in biological processes.

We offer logistical, technical, and bioinformatic support in order to assist screeners in performing and interpreting their genome scale assays including...

  • CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology
  • Lentiviral-based gene knockdown assays
  • Pooled shRNA microarray screenings
  • High-Content Screening.

Thanks to all our Supporters