Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Search 3

My third trip to Buzzard Coulee was with Murray Paulson's team on May 10, 2009. Murray's deal with the landowner allows us to keep half, by mass, of our finds. While meteorites are bought and sold under this arrangement, the location, mass and other characteristics of all the finds were carefully recorded for later scientific use. In this way Murray's team forms an essential compliment to the work of Alan Hildebrand's team. Between the two efforts we hope that the strewn field can be completely characterized.

There were 3 of us searching that day: me, Rick Huziak and Tenho Tuomi. Here are various images of us working and such.

Here are my finds, in order (thanks to Tenho for the high quality close ups):

Find 541. Mass 1.7g. NAD83 coords: 53 00.686 N, 109 49.606 W.

Find 543. Mass 22.2g. NAD83 coords: 53 00.667 N, 109 49.625 W. Note the white inclusions that challenge current meteorite, and early solar system formation theory.

Find 551. Mass 20.6g. NAD83 coords: 53 00.780 N, 109 49.509 W.

Find 552. Mass 2.8g. NAD83 coords: 53 00.704 N, 109 49.507 W.

Find 558. Mass 59.4g. NAD83 coords: 53 00.706 N, 109.493 W. This meteorite outweighed all my other finds, so it went to the landowner.

Here they all are together. Note find 539. To my knowledge, it is the smallest mass found at 0.4g. It was picked up by luck on the end of my magnet stick at NAD83 coords 53 00.875 N, 109.233 W.