Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Search 4

My fourth trip to Buzzard Coulee was at the invitation of Alan Hildebrand to be an "extra" for a film documentary by the BBC. I was filmed in a meteorite search line with Mike, Jeff, Ellen, Lynne, Garry, Mel, Toby and Bill. Even though we were essentially acting, and it was snowing, Mike found two meteorites, Mel found one and Garry found one (two feet from my foot - I looked up, he looked down...). Bill, using a magnetometer, found a half a dozen on his own, under the snow.

Here is Mel's find, 44g if I remember right, found before the BBC (and the snow) arrived. The first image shows Garry, Mel, Toby and Mike looking down at the find. The next image shows Jeff and Lynne getting the recording notebook out in the background. The last image shows Lynne and Mel.

Alan pretended to look at a map on his bonnet while awaiting the BBC actor-scientist to show. We waited out of camera view while the filming of two scientists looking at a map-on-a-bonnet-in-the-wind proceeded. You can see the film crew in the background.

Garry makes a real find at the end of one of our staged walks - Alan looks on. The film crew gets ready to film the newly found extraterrestrial rock.