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                                Mantle Convection Group
                                Department of Geological Sciences
                                U of S


                                Contact Information:
                                Department of Geological Sciences
                                University of Saskatchewan
                                114 Science Place
                                E-mail:   gunjan.sinha@usask.ca
                                                                                   Phone :    (306) 261-2003

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I am currently employed as a research assistant at the University of Saskatchewan. My projects involve numerical modeling of Tektite and the mantle convection in 2D and 3D finite element cartesian coordinate geometry. In order to perform this, I am using finite element modeling software COMSOL. I also have a working finite difference 3D fortran code for mantle convection which I developed from an existing 2D code during my PhD. All of my projects are listed in the resume.

Conferences and Workshops

1. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Fransisco, USA, December 2006, G. Sinha and S. L. Butler, On the Origin and Significance of Subadiabatic Temperature Gradients in the Mantle.

2. Canadian Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Banff, CANADA, May 2006, G. Sinha and S. L. Butler, On the Thermal Effects of Continents and Mantle Layering: A Numerical and Parameterized Study.

3. CIG workshop held in Boulder, Colorado, June 19-23, 2005.

4. Canadian Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Banff, CANADA, May 2005, G. Sinha and S. L. Butler, The Effects of Continents on Mantle Heat Flow: A Parameterized and Numerical Investigation

5. Meeting of Young Researchers in Earth Sciences(MYRES-I),La Jolla, California, USA, August 2004 (Workshop).

6. Canadian Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Montreal, CANADA, May 2004, G. Sinha and S. L. Butler, Numerical Convection Modeling and the Ocean Floor Topography Constraint on Mantle Layering (Poster).


On the Origin and Significance of Subadiabatic Temperature Gradients in the Mantle.

The combined effects of continents and the 660 km-depth endothermic phase boundary on the thermal regime in the mantle.


Download my rough Resume as a pdf file.

Who am I?

My passions include anything beautiful or dangerous in mother nature (mountains, oceans, lightnings, tornadoes and so on), english rock musics, real cars (I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee, a great shadow chaser) and model cars (taking all the spaces in my room). I think the sweetest language on earth is Spanish. I tried to learn Spanish but it's hard without being able to speak with someone. Playing guitar and biking are the two most relaxing activities for me. I enjoy chasing severe storms and tornadoes and doing it for three years now off and on because in 2007 I spent most of my summer in the bush exploring for uranium and same will happen this year. One summer I want to drive to the core of the tornado alley for some chasing. Chasing storms involves weather prediction, adventure, photography and travelling, the four most exciting activities.

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