Lab members

PhD student:  

EmilyPhotoEmily Cavaliere joined the group in August of 2013.  She's working on the winter limnology project.  More about Emily will follow!

Masters students:  

Jordan Mihalicz started his masters in January 2014.  More about Jordan's research interests will follow.  His work will focus on understanding invertebrate production in the Saskatchewan River as a result of varied hydrology. Jordan is cosupervised by Tim Jardine.  

Noel Galuschik


Noel's work is on P dynamics in the Tobacco Creek catchment.  She's interested in how sediments mediate the role of small constructed dams in nutrient retention, and diel changes in nutrients.  


Raea Gooding


Raea is working on understanding nitrogen dynamics in Tobacco Creek, focusing on denitrification rates instream, and in constructed dams which are used as a beneficial management practice in the catchment.  Congrats on the NSERC PGS Raea!

In the lab and field:

Victor Sit has been working in the lab since 2012.  Victor helps run experiments, and manage operations.  Victor is a grad of the co-op program at University of Waterloo.  He started as a Science Horizons intern.  

ErinWebsiteErin Hillis joined us from the University of Regina.  She's a hardy soul on the winter limnology program.

Cameron Hoggart also joined us from the University of Regina, where he completed his masters degree with Britt Hall.  Cameron is also braving Saskatchewan winters for the winter limnology project.  He is a Science Horizons intern.  

Meagan Montiero and Navjot Kaur are also helping part-time with sample processing.  

Gone, but not forgotten:

Kaylea Lund is studying Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan.  

Jennifer Briens is pursuing her masters degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

Joe Hopkins has left for bachelor's studies at the University of Alberta.

Sheena McInnes was a big help on our first field season for the winter limnology project.  Thanks Sheena!